Terms and Conditions


These Terms & Conditions apply to BIMM Pro Short online courses 

  1. Introduction 

This document governs the relationship between you and BIMM University  (“BIMM University” or “we” or “us” or “our”) and sets out the terms between us for the provision of educational services leading to the opportunity to gain a certificate of completion (the “Terms & Conditions”). 

BIMM University is a private limited company, registered with the Companies Registration Office with registration number 07172561, and its registered office is at BIMM 38-42 Brunswick Street West, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 1EL. 

These Terms & Conditions apply following the acceptance by you when purchasing an online short course with BIMM Pro. 

  1. Accessibility 

Should you require these documents in another format, please contact bimmpro@bimm.ac.uk. 

  1. Registration 

3.1 Before registering for any course, you are responsible for establishing the relevance and suitability of the course for individual requirements through consideration of the information supplied through our website and prospectus as well as by asking questions to our team. 

3.2 By registering for a place on one of our short courses, you are entering into an agreement with us in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.   

  • You will not be able to enrol and commence your studies if you have not paid the course fees. 
  1. Your Right to Cancel 

4.1  You have the right to cancel your registration on the course within fourteen (14) days after the course start date. 

4.2  To cancel your registration, you must give us written notice of your cancellation by contacting bimmpro@bimm.ac.uk 

4.3  If any payment has been made to us and you subsequently cancel your registration, pursuant to your right to cancel as set out in clause 4.1, we will provide you or the person who has made such payment (as the case may be) with the agreed refund (see clause 8). 

4.4 You may terminate the registration within fourteen (14) day period referred to in clause 4.1, but in such case, you must do so in accordance with clause 8 of these Terms & Conditions. 

  1. Your Obligations 

5.1  You agree to fulfil all the requirements of your course in accordance with the terms including,  submission of assessed work. Completion of the course materials, activities provided and participation in the discussion forums and live webinars are recommended by us but they are not compulsory. 

5.2 Prior to registration, you agree to ensure that you will have the basic requirements in terms of language and all the appropriate equipment (software, hardware). These are described in the relevant course prospectus to ensure you can access all materials and fully complete all the relevant activities and assessments.  

  1. Our Obligations 

6.1  We shall deliver the course with reasonable care and skill and as described in the relevant course prospectus in all material respects. 

6.2  We shall provide you with the course materials with reasonable care and skill and we shall provide you with timely feedback on your work as described in the course information. 

  1. Course Payment 

7.1 The course fees applicable to your course and information in relation to how to pay for your course,  are set out in the information you will receive after your registration. 

7.2  There may be additional personal costs relating to your course which you should be aware of. Additional costs may include, but are not limited to, costs relating to musical instruments, musical equipment, computers, IT equipment, hiring of music studios and other venues. Where this is the case, we will make this clear in advance as part of the information provided to you in the course prospectus.  

7.3  If you register,  you agree to pay all course fees in accordance with the payment deadlines. 

7.4  Full payment of the course fees must be received in cleared funds by BIMM University upon registration and no later than three working days before the start of the course. BIMM University will not enrol you onto the course until full payment has been received. 

7.6  All fees must be paid by the deadline communicated to you. 

  1. Withdrawal 

8.1  You may withdraw from your course and terminate your registration at any time. On termination of your registration, in accordance with this clause 8, you will remain liable to pay your course fees and any other amounts due, unless we have agreed to refund any course fees to you pursuant to clause 8.4. 

8.2  To withdraw from your course you must email the team at bimmpro@bimm.ac.uk. 

8.3  For the avoidance of doubt, “Withdrawal” is leaving a course for reasons other than those related to clauses 11.1 to 11.4.  

8.4  In the event of your withdrawal from the course within the fourteen-day period after the course starts,  we will refund you 75% of the total course fees. For withdrawals after registration and 3 working days prior to the course start, 100% of the total course fees will be refunded. 

8.5  In the event of your withdrawal from the course after the fourteen-day period after the course starts no refund or part refund of the course fees will be given, and you will remain liable for course fees. 

  1. How to Apply for a Refund of Your Course 

9.1 All refund requests must be submitted in writing to bimmpro@bimm.ac.uk with the subject title ‘Course Fee Refund Request’. You will need to state the name and email address which you provided in the registration form plus the name and email address used on the payment platform when making the payment. The person that made the payment will need to provide their bank account details (Bank account number and sort code if UK based; IBAN and BIC if account is outside the UK). 

  1. BIMM University’s Right to Terminate 

10.1  BIMM University may withdraw your place  post registration and withdraw you from your course if: 

10.1.1  you do not pay the course fees; 

10.1.2  you breach these Terms & Conditions in any material respect. 

10.2  BIMM University will not withdraw your place on the course without good reason. Provided any action is taken to terminate the agreement in accordance with these terms and conditions, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer as a result. Depending on the circumstances we may also be entitled to take legal action against you. 

10.3  On withdrawal from the course, you are liable for any outstanding course fees (except if the withdrawal request was made before the withdrawal deadline) and any other amounts due.  

  1.  Changes to Courses  

11.1  Due to the time period between prospectus publication and registration on your course, circumstances may change due to factors beyond our reasonable control and therefore it may sometimes be necessary to vary the content of the course or units or services as described in the prospectus. We will use reasonable endeavors to ensure that changes are kept to a minimum, but if we need to make any material changes to your course (as described in your relevant prospectus) before you register for your course, we shall bring the changes to your attention as soon as possible and if you reasonably believe that the proposed changes will have a material prejudicial effect on you, you may withdraw your registration for the course without any liability to us for course fees. 

11.2  We will use reasonable endeavors to deliver all courses as described in the relevant prospectus. However, we reserve the right to cancel a course if there are not sufficient registrations to make a course viable. If you have registered for any course described in the prospectus, but we discontinue the course prior to you paying, we will notify you as soon as possible. 

11.3  Once you have registered as a participant of a course, we will use reasonable endeavors to deliver your course in accordance with the terms However, if we need to discontinue your course due to matters beyond our control, we will inform you as soon as is reasonably practicable. You shall be entitled to a refund of all course fees paid. 

11.4  Following suitable consultation with affected participants, in circumstances where it is necessary to make a material change to your course (such as the nature of the certificate or in relation to a material aspect of the curriculum), we will notify you as soon as possible. If you are unhappy with the material change(s) to your course, you may  withdraw from the course without incurring any further liability to us for course fees, you shall be entitled to a refund of all course fees paid to date. 

11.5  We reserve the right to vary minor elements of your course from that described in the prospectus  to improve the quality of educational services and experience, to meet the latest requirements of a commissioning or accrediting body, or in response to participant feedback. How we notify you will depend on the nature of the changes but, in any event, such changes will be published in the updated course information on our website. 

  1. Liability 

12.1  Subject to the remainder of this clause 12, BIMM University (including its staff and/or representatives) shall have no liability to you for any loss, damage, costs or expenses arising under or in connection with the agreement except where such loss or damage is directly caused by BIMM University (or its staff or representatives). BIMM University shall not be liable for any loss or damage which was not foreseeable. Losses are foreseeable if they are an obvious consequence of BIMM University’s breach of the terms. 

12.2  Where such loss or damage is directly caused by BIMM University (or its staff or representatives), BIMM University’s liability shall,  be limited to 100% of all course fees paid by you to BIMM University in the academic year in which such liability occurred. 

12.3  We shall not be held responsible for any injury to a participant, financial or other loss or damage resulting from such injury, or for damage to property, caused by any other participant, or by any person who is not an employee or authorised agent of BIMM University. 

12.4  We shall not be liable to you in any manner whatsoever for any failure or delay, or for the consequences of any failure or delay, in performance of our obligations under the terms, if such failure or delay is due to any event beyond our reasonable control (including, but not limited to strikes, lockouts or other industrial action, acts of God, severe weather, natural disasters, pandemic, quarantine or widespread illness, war, protest, riot, civil disorder or unrest, fire, explosion, an actual, suspected or threatened act of terrorism, national emergencies, any restrictions imposed by government or public authorities, breakdown of plant or machinery, actions or default of placement providers or default of suppliers or sub-contractors). In such circumstances, we shall take reasonable steps to minimise any disruption. 

  1. Intellectual Property 

13.1 “Intellectual Property Rights” means any patent, rights to inventions, copyright and related rights, performers’ property rights, trademarks, trade names, domain names, rights in get-up, goodwill and the right to sue for passing off or unfair competition, rights in designs, rights in computer software, database rights, rights to preserve the confidentiality of information, and other intellectual property rights, in each case whether registered or unregistered and including all applications (or rights to apply) for and be granted, renewals or extensions of and rights to claim priority from, such rights and all similar or equivalent rights or forms of protection which may now or in the future subsist in any part of the world. 

13.2  As a general rule, the University makes no claims over IP generated by you during your course. You are, therefore, free to exploit the IP you generate in your course. This includes published songs, written articles or any other such work you create during your time at the University.  

13.3 The course may enable you to share your own content, with BIMM Tutors and other participants in the course. You retain intellectual property rights, and are responsible for the content that you share. BIMM University cannot guarantee that any document or file shared by you on our online learning platform will not be used by other participants. 

13.3  By registering on a course, you authorise BIMM University and any associated company to publish photography, video content and any other materials relating to your course of study with BIMM University in all territories for the purposes of publicity and promotion without restriction. 

  1. Complaints 

14.1 If you have a complaint about your course, please contact the BIMM Pro Team on bimmpro@bimm.ac.uk. For further information please see BIMM University complaints procedure, which is detailed here. 

  1. Data Protection 

15.1  We will process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our Data Protection Policy. We may share your personal data with third parties, which we will do in accordance with our policy on data protection. 

15.2  After you complete your course, we will retain basic registration details, results, any discipline records and your email address, and any information that may be required in relation to matters that are still outstanding. Basic information will also be passed to our Development and Alumni Relations Office to create an alumni database. The remaining information will be destroyed. 

  1. General 

16.1  These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and BIMM University and supersedes all previous agreements between you and BIMM University, whether written or oral. 

16.2  The terms are personal to you, and you may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under the terms to another person. 

16.3  The terms are between you and us and no other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms. 

 16.4  Each of the paragraphs of these Terms & Conditions operate separately. If a court decides that any of them are unlawful the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect. 

16.5  If we do not insist immediately that you do anything that you are required to do under these terms, or we delay in taking steps against you in respect of your breaking this agreement, that will not mean that you do not have to do those things and it will not prevent us from taking steps against you at a later date. 

16.6  Any notice given under the terms shall be in writing. We shall send any notice to you by email to your personal email address provided at registration. Unless otherwise stated in these Terms & Conditions, you must send any notices by email to bimmpro@bimm.ac.uk, marked for the attention of the BIMM Pro team.